Firsts and Lasts

Today is the first day of August and the last day of the traditional work week. It is the first day of the month and the last month of summer vacation. There are probably more “firsts and lasts” associated with today – whether they revolve around “me” or not. Life is full of “firsts” and “lasts”. The Bible is also full of them and speaks of Jesus being the “first and the last”, the “alpha and the omega”, and the “beginning and the end”.
As a believer how I derive meaning from these little “coincidences” may seem trivial, but in reality it points to a deeper revelation of how I truly see God, myself, and reality. For instance, if I say that because this is a day of “firsts and lasts” that today is somehow more significant than any other day and that things are both beginning and ending in my life because of it then I believe that God, myself, and spiritual reality is subject to the Roman Calendar. I am no different than those who follow the horoscopes; really, I am superstitious at worst and just plain silly/childish at best. If I say that today is like any other day and this fun little coincidence of numbers and events has no meaning (my life is not effected by them) then I am believing that the cycles God put into place on earth for His purpose are ineffective in my life. This makes me sound agnostic or plain rebellious…right? So, what are my options? How should I respond to the cycles and seasons…the little coincidences in my life?
First I must realize that life and the process the Holy Spirit is leading me through is not a simple thing that can be wrapped up, summed up, or explained in a cliché. I must also realize that my journey is not on a “calendar” schedule. Days, months, seasons, years, and even hours were given to mankind as a gift from God to allow us this space to be reconciled to Him and reunited with the Eternal One. So, aside from a teaching tool, August 1, 2014 means nothing to God in terms of the spiritual reality – God lives in the realm of no time or space.
Secondly, God did not institute the Roman calendar, but that doesn’t mean Aug. 1, 2014 has no meaning to me. What I must realize is that whatever meaning it has, this date has it because I GIVE it meaning, not because of some superstitious or super spiritual God-given decree. What’s the difference, you ask? Well, if I give it meaning I cannot impose that meaning on another person. If God gives it meaning then the meaning can pertain to all people.
Finally, mankind was created in God’s image and as such we are creative beings. According to Hebrews we can create the world around us (our reality, our meaning) with the words of our mouth. James tells us that we can have what we ask when our motives are not simply to “consume on our own lust”. Both the “superstitious” point of view and the “agnostic” one from the beginning of the article are based on my belief of “who is in control”. Neither one puts God on the throne! The superstitious conclusion not only limits the meaning to numbers created by men but also denies the biblical principle of seasons by attributing the concept of first and last into only one day or (if liberally interpreted) one month. The agnostic conclusion alienates God from using the “coincidences” in life as part of our developmental journey toward oneness with Him.
So, how should one interpret these little “coincidences”? Ro. 8:28 tells us that all “things” work together for good for those who love God and all called to purpose (the word “his” is actually not there). I can here only speak to my own “working together” as for the significance of Aug. 1, 2014. If, by chance, your journey is at a similar place then the same may apply to you. Here is what my heart perceives according to my stage of the journey:
Life for us mortals seems to go in cycles. These cycles or seasons so often have a transitional beginning and end as we move from one to another. In our interactive lives with each other we often are not given the same transitional “grace” as are found in nature (ei summer to fall, fall to winter, winter to spring). We are held to time and schedule constraints that make the majority of our lives structured, rigid, and less “organic” than the life of biblical days. It can be so difficult to conceive of not having the limits of time and space. In fact, to many the idea of “no time constraints” and “no program/schedule” is frightening. Time, schedules, programs, and the like help us feel like we are in control when in reality we are very far from it. Today’s date and all its coincidences remind me that we are constantly in a transition of firsts and lasts, beginnings and endings, starts and finishes. I can walk through them all knowing that my trust is in the Alpha and Omega, the First and Last, the Beginning and the End. When I abide in Him I experience all that was and all that will be because He contains it all. Today God is calling me to be like Him: I Am. Today I am. I am present. I exist in the “now”: this moment, this breath, this relationship, and this life. I live in the “now”, like the sparrows, not worrying or giving thought to tomorrow.


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